I provide counseling for a broad array of concerns for adults. Below, please find information about my specialties.


Grief: Death and Loss

We each grieve our losses differently, be it loss due to death or loss due to the end of a relationship or the loss of a dream. I'm sorry you are in pain. Support in our grieving process can help. 

Trauma and PTSD

"Surviving trauma is a bittersweet victory." We are truly never the same. There is still reason to hope. 

Pre- and Post-natal

Whether it's your first, second, or ninth child, pregnancy, delivery, and infancy often bring changes we do not anticipate. Support during this time can help.

Performance Anxiety

Fear of public attention can be problematic in school and work atmospheres, but is very treatable.


Family Members of Addicts and Alcoholics

You are a parent or partner or adult child of an addict. "If anyone can keep them sober, surely it would be me." It's a tragedy that addiction does not work that way. In your efforts to do the impossible, perhaps you've lost your own way. Counseling can help.


Recovery is worth it. I tend to approach recovery in therapy from an integrated 12-step model.  Taking care of yourself through counseling can help protect your sobriety. **I do not work with court mandated clients.


Sometimes the stress of life can get the better of us, and that feeling of being overwhelmed can prevent us from participating fully in life. Perhaps you feel increasingly frustrated that you aren't able to meet all of your obligations. Depression is very treatable.

Spiritual and Existential struggles

Sometimes our spiritual rules are at odds with our circumstances. Sometimes we feel lost about our place in this world. Sometimes life's big questions go un-answered and leave us feeling stuck. These are important dilemmas that are worth working through so you may feel at peace with yourself again.


Life Transitions

Going away to school. Graduating from school. Starting a new job. Becoming a parent. Living on your own. Moving. The only thing constant in life is change, but that doesn't make it easier to cope with. If you're struggling with a recent change in life, let's find some ways to ease your struggle.


I am a lifelong LGBTQQI straight ally. The challenges you face in a hetero-normative world are constant. I will happily support your wellness however you wish.

Support for Success

You don't know how to fail, and you are driven by a core value to strive to be your best. The road to success is not a pretty or comfortable one. Friends, job security, and sources of support along the way can change dramatically, or even seek to derail your achievements. Support in your journey can help.

Adapting to culture change

The struggle to live fully and happily in a new culture can feel like a battle for you heart to live in two different places. Perhaps you're from the West coast now living in the East coast. Perhaps you now live in a community where you are visibly different, or where your speech is noticeably different. Feeling like a fish out of water can prevent us from engaging in our new home, and maybe even enjoying it. There's no place like home, but there's good reason to try and enjoy where you are, too.